Finding Reliable Botox for Sweating Toronto

Many Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis. This condition presents with excessive sweating under the arms, feet hands and in some cases all of these body parts. Most patients will try medication applied topically at first.  Should the medication fail, a Botox injection under the arms is tried before seeking surgery. Whichever solution is suitable Botox for sweating Toronto will assist you to control the condition.

First, an iodine starch test to confirm the source of the sweat is conducted. Afterwards, injections are given.  They are almost painless on the underarm area. Examination is performed before starting. You are free to find out more about Botox and other medical procedures during scheduled visits.

Botox is meant for more than wrinkles. Botox controls sweating by blocking out the chemical stimuli that prompt the release of sweat for some time. After the Botox procedure, change occurs after a few days in most people. Full effects may take a few weeks. People respond differently to the treatment. It takes half –a-year to one year before the procedure has to be redone.

Medical research proved that Botox reduced sweating by 50% in 81% of patients it was performed on. Just like other medical procedures, patients exhibit different outcomes. The facility has fair prices and provides patients with documents that allow them to get refunds from the patient’s insurer.

Sweating is meant for thermoregulation. It is excessive in people with hyperhidrosis, making it embarrassing because they sweat excessively all day. Axillary hyperhidrosis is the most common kind of hyperhidrosis. It is prevalent among adult humans. It initiates during adolescence and increases as they get older. Hormones and body processes can cause hyperhidrosis. Many patients don’t know what to do. Botox is a favorable solution.

Hyperhidrosis patients who couldn’t control it with normal treatments were allowed to use Botox by the Food & Drug Administration in the US in 2004. The protein Onabotulinumtoxin in Botox blocks the chemical stimuli that stimulate sweat glands to release sweat. This way, Botox hinders sweating at a particular spot. The injection only reaches below the skin.

Botox has 82 to 87 % success in sweat reduction with changes presenting within 2 to 4 days after procedure. Full results are witnessed within 14 days. Treatment works up to 14 months. It is successful and safe to use. Controlling body temperature is crucial but stopping it short-term is inconsequential to the body.

This should be done by a professional in a medical facility, for short periods and doesn’t require task restrictions. Patients shouldn’t use sauna or do extensive exercise on the day of procedure. 3-4 days of hair growth is recommended before the procedure. Many injections are made on the affected area depending on examination. Anesthesia may be applied.1-2 follow up check-ups are encouraged to deal with missed spots. Cost depends on the size of the affected area. Follow-up injections ensure dryness. Repeat procedures may be conducted from 7-16 months. Visit Jacobs Pain Centre for Botox for sweating Toronto.