Dr. Howard Jacobs


Howard Jacobs, M.D., L.R.C.P. & S.I., M.I.C.G.P., D.A.A.P.M.

Dr. Jacobs is a physician licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario. He has been involved in the evaluation and treatment of chronic spinal head, neck and facial pain for over 10 years. He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management and The Canadian Academy of Pain Management. He is Past Chair of The Section of Pain Physicians of the Ontario Medical Association and is Past President of the Canadian Academy of Pain Management. He has been qualified as an expert in the area of chronic pain, both at the Financial Insurance Services Commission of Ontario and the Ontario court system. He has lectured extensively on the topic of head, neck, facial and spinal pain to medical practitioners in Ontario and has lectured extensively overseas on the topic of Chronic Pain Management.