Choose Botox for Instant Back Pain Relief

Although renowned for its use in beautifying procedure, Botox now serves a new purpose as an effective too for chronic pain management. Persons dealing with chronic pain, facial pain, back pains, and chronic migraines can seek Botox for back pain Toronto services for specialized, fast, and extremely fast pain relief especially when other treatments do not seem to work. Let’s find out why you should choose Botox for back pain.

Also referred to as botulinum toxin, Botox is among the most fascinating treatments. It is a type of protein produced by a certain bacteria that is one of the most toxic substance ever discovered. However, following years of extensive research, this protein has seen been refined to allow scientist to use it for good. Today, millions of procedures would not be possible without the use of Botox. Botox is now common in medical and cosmetic fields.

The toxin helps to block a neurotransmitter referred to as acetylcholine forcing muscles to relax. If used in large quantities, it would force the entire body to completely shut down. Administering in small quantities with the help of a skilled professional helps to keep muscles relaxed, clear out any wrinkles, and focuses more on the sources of the chronic pain.

Due to its ability to relax muscles, Botox for back pain management experts find that by using Botox has been found to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain that originates from the muscles like a migraine. Lower back pain has been proven to respond positively to Botox since the pain originates from stress and tension in muscle fibers, which then add stress to the neighboring tendons and joints. As such, Botox relaxes the muscles, forcing the joints to regain their natural position without any pain.

This muscle relaxing ability makes Botox an ideal treatment for post-mastectomy pain. When these temporary fillers are implanted beneath the skin in post mastectomy reconstruction preparation, you are likely to feel pain as the muscles contract thus making these implants long enough to expand the skin for natural looking breast. Botox enjoys FDA approval for use in treating chronic migraines. By undergoing several and regular injection ad spots near the head and neck region, sufferers can enjoy long-term relief for migraines for more than 2 weeks in a year.

Whether you qualify for a Botox treatment for chronic pain is a determination that is upon a trained and experienced pain management health expert. For patients in Toronto, Jacobs Pain Centre is one such facility where you are sure to get much needed Botox for back pain treatment. If you in good health besides the chronic pain you are dealing with, then you qualify for a Botox treatment. However, there are some pre-existing conditions including myasthenia gravis and severe nerve disorder among other that disqualify from a Botox treatment. This is due to the fact that these conditions are known to trigger several side effects. However, these side effects are rare and mild.