I have been seeing Dr Jacobs for over 15 years ( MVA, head and neck injuries) I do not know where I’d be without him. By the time I’d been referred to him, I’d seen every neurologist in the City of Toronto and surrounding areas and been told there was nothing left they could do […]

Addison Wesally

I’ve been going to Dr. Zahavi for about 15 years. Dr. Zahavi has always and continues to make his first concern his patient. I have great respect for him and confidence in his abilities. If you have a medical problem, he will literally move heaven and earth to get your problem resolved.


I found Dr J. immensely useful, kind and knowledgeable. I know that his waiting time is absolutely awful but he is worth it. Everytime he keeps me waiting I think of the times when I was depressed, in pain and needed a Dr to talk to and he made time for me, therefore I need […]

Johan addon

After three years of immense pain after a motor vehicle collision, and a whole battery of tests and appointments with specialists, I finally was referred to Dr. Jacobs. And I finally have relief. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for him — […]