Botox Treatment for Chronic Pain Clinic Toronto

Fortunately, there is no shortage of options for treating chronic pain. Under the medications category, you can choose between oral and topic therapies. Oral medications are designed to be swallowed and include acetaminophen, nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs as well as opioids. There are other options designed to be applied on the skin as ointment or cream where others patches to apply to the skin. For some of these patches, they have to be placed on the painful areas where the active drug is then released. Other patches can be placed far from the hurting region. Some chronic pain medications can be purchased over the counter or from a reputable chronic pain clinic Toronto.

Numerous options that can help with the chronic pain are not all about medications. These options may help alleviate the pain and cut down on the medication needed to deal with the pain. For instance, exercises performed under the keen eye of a physical therapist can help when dealing with chronic pain.

Alternatively, you can go for other interventional technique such as injecting Botox in the areas that hurt. Botox has for ages been used for its cosmetic benefits. However, following extensive research, it has since been found effective in dealing with chronic pains. You will however have to visit a reputable chronic pain clinic Toronto for the injections.

There is nothing you cannot do to get rid of pain even using potentially harmful chemicals from the spores of deadly bacteria.  For most people, botulinum toxin in a purified state, also commonly known as Botox, is the sure fire way of dealing with chronic pain.

For half a decade, pain specialist have proven that, Botox, commonly used to eliminate wrinkles can also help to relax painful muscle spasms. In fact, this technique comes with several benefits including the fact that, although you will have to undergo injection for three days, Botox gives relief for about three months with only a few side effects.

In addition, FDA approves Botox for treatment of wrinkles and other rare medical conditions but not muscle pain. Patients have to decide whether getting rid of the chronic pain means going “off label” and fro such as hefty fee that is rarely covered by any insurance policy.

One reason why the use of Botox to deal with chronic pain is that there are only a few risks you have to deal with. These side effects are also common when using Botox to deal with wrinkles.  However, just like any other medical procedure, the side effects are worth giving a second look. When considering whether managing pain with BOTOX is the best option for you, it is upon your physician to explain the side effects involved. Some patient suffer allergic reaction from the injections while others experience slight bruising around the injected areas. It is also common for the injection to affect nearby muscles. Check out Jacobs Pain Centre for chronic pain treatment services as it has been found to be the best chronic pain clinic Toronto.