Botox for Migraine Headaches – A Proven Remedy

Migraine headaches are quite common all over the world. The pain usually affects one side of the head and it causes other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision. People who suffer from chronic migraines are treated with medicines that also cure nausea and similar symptoms. However, these cures usually provide a short-term relief from this painful and irritating condition. The severe throbbing sensation comes back after the effect of the medicine wears off and causes more stress and anxiety in the patient. There is a need for a more effective and longer lasting treatment for the cure of migraine.

Botox for migraine headaches is the latest development in this field. Botox, as we all know, is essentially a medicine but it is to be injected in the affected area to get relief. It is more like a cosmetic procedure than a true treatment but it has long-term effects. People who have gone through this treatment have reported instant relief that usually lasts for a period of three to four months after which a booster dose is required to get relief again. Botox has been cleared by the FDA so basically it is a very safe and effective remedy not just for  migraines but also for other types of body aches including neck pain, lower back pain, and leg pain.

The Botox injections have also been found to be effective in preventing this type of condition. That is why the pain doesn’t appear again for at least a period of three months. The medicine serves to suppress the agents that cause migraines and therefore it is prevented. This particular property of the medicine was discovered unpredictably when treating patients with fine lines and wrinkles. Since the area happens to be the same, Botox was also found effective for curing chronic migraines.

Now people all over the world are aware of the benefits of this superb medicine in various fields. There are no serious side effects reported so far and since the medicine has been cleared by the FDA, you have nothing to be afraid of. Just keep one thing in mind that only an experienced and licensed practitioner should be allowed to perform this procedure on any patient. So, make sure you choose your clinic after careful research and get as much information about them as possible before going for the treatment.

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